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Digging through the world’s oldest graveyards
*Featured in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2015

Go Home Evolution, You’re Drunk

The Cambrian explosion of animal life now seems like a whimper


Hans Rosling will change your mind
He’s influenced Melinda Gates and Fidel Castro. Now he’s on a mission to save the public from their preconceived ideas.

Big Pharma’s Cost-Cutting Challenger
A non-profit is proving that drug development doesn’t need to cost a billion.

Race against Resistance
More than a million healthy children take drugs to prevent malaria, before the drugs stop working.

Death at the Doorstep
Uganda may be losing a battle with malaria.

Vitamin D-lemma
A vociferous debate reveals how hard it is to give public health advice.

Translational Research the American Way
If discoveries abound, why is drug development stagnant?

Evolution: A can of worms
Tiny creatures take centre stage in a battle to rearrange the tree of life.


As the legion of women bikers grows nationwide, I open up the throttle with a manic New York City club.


Evolutionary Enigmas
Comb jelly genetics suggest a radical redrawing of the tree of life.

Sick and Down
Inflammation could cause depression.

Twice Upon a Time
Mammals may have evolved from reptiles in multiple ways.


Vitamin D on Trial
Scientist dig for gold-standard proof of D’s potential.

Preserving Research
A guide to the top online archives for your unpublished findings.


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