I edit scientists and journalists who contribute to various outlets. I have experience with all stages of the process, starting with a fresh idea, to re-structuring a story, to tweaking the final draft. I work hard to ensure that everyone is pleased with the result.

I specialize in biomedical policy and the life sciences, including evolution, disease, medicine and neuroscience. However, I’m capable of editing other subject areas. Often the untrained eye can contribute just as much.

Previously, I served as senior editor at Nautilus magazine, where I commissioned everything from comics to long-form journalism. I worked closely with the art team to create graphics that enhanced our stories.

Here is a selection of pieces I’m proud to have edited:

Losing his sight, a scientist sees an end to disease
– By journalist Brendan Borrell

If the world began again, would life as we know it exist?
– By science writer Zach Zorich

Meet the neighbors you’ll never see
– By Jessica Green, a microbial ecologist at the University of Oregon

How crowdsourcing turned on me
– By Iyad Rahwan, a professor of computing and information science at MIT


Photos by of ancient manuscripts from Timbuktu, shot by Amy Maxmen.

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